Our Story

Vintage Inspired Beauties Made in Tribute to my Little Girls and Hubby

I have been making Jewelry since 2006. I work out of my Home Studio.

Funny story actually... I took Jewelry making in College in 2000. I was studying to be a Fashion Photographer, but did not think much of Jewelry making then. I left college to marry my High School Sweetheart, Tony. We met when we were 13 and have been dating since 15. : ) In 2005 I became a stay at home mom and would do crafts with my little girls. We were making noodle necklaces all the time. I grew tired of always wearing noodles while out running errands and wanted to purchase some real beads. Times were very tough then, but I convinced my husband to let me purchase $200 worth of beads. I created a few pieces and immediately my friends and family wanted me to make them pieces. Hence PenelliBelle, Inc. was born. Named after my Muses Penelope (then 3) and Lillie Belle (then 1). I had hoped it would be a way for me to contribute more to the family. My husband was working so hard to support us because we both thought it was important to keep the kids at home and not in Day Care. I really wanted to lighten his load and help give our girls a better life. I started doing Craft Shows and grew to do Home Parties. In November 2007 I opened my Etsy Shop. There were only 100,000 users then. There are about 10 million now!! Can you believe that!   Anywhoo....The first 9 months were really slow and only my really unique piece were selling. I got the idea to re-purpose a vintage brooch into a pearl bracelet. There was a war over the piece and tons of custom orders came in after that. We transitioned to all Bridal at that point. I seemed to have found my niche...or rather it fell in my lap! : )

I had been thinking for a while to start engagement rings, since Gemstones and Designs are my true passion, but was unsure of taking on the endeavor. My Grandfather was a master watch and Jewelry repair man and when he died in the winter of 2013 and I felt I owed it to his legacy to give it a go.  

Here we are, a few years later.  I have transitioned into all Engagement, Wedding Bands, and fine Jewelry.  I now have over 85 designs and wanted to offer them to a select few Mom and Pop shops to carry.  Most of my clients ask " where can I see your Engagement Rings in Person??"  When you sign up for Wholesale,  I can listing you among the Few that Carry the Exclusive PenelliBelle Line of Engagement, Wedding and Mens Bands or Body Jewelry.  I also make sure only one Jeweler per City can carry our line.  That way it will help to keep your shop shining in the crowd.  :)

Here's to growing together!


Lindy Giese, Owner/Designer @ PenelliBelle, Inc.